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Boxing Machine

  • Automatic Boxing  Machine
  • Automatic Boxing  Machine for sale
  • Automatic Boxing  Machine
  • Automatic Boxing  Machine for sale

Automatic Boxing Machine

  • Description:
  • Working process: 

    1.pick up box  2.box unfold  3.fold lower left & right edges  4.lower glue spraying  5.lower box sealing  6.fold upper left & right edges 7. filling  8.upper glue spraying  9.upper box sealing


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  • Product Introduction
  • Features
  • Specification

1. cardboard box shaping filling and sealing machine

ZH-100 cartoning machine can load various kinds of materials like granules, powder, etc. and some packaging bags, etc. into the special carton boxes reliably and seal and send out the carton boxes. It is suitable for packaging of various kinds of foodstuff, chemical products, animal foods and agricultural products, has a wide range of use, meanwhile, the product to be packaged can be changed periodically according to different use requirements, yet the die set change interval is short and its adjustment is simple and convenient. It is not only suitable for mass production of a single variety, but also can satisfy user’s small-batch production of different varieties.


Electronic adjustment system for packaging speed;

The packaging size can be adjusted;

With dust removal pipe and vibration as well as special mechanism specially designed for some materials to be packaged;

Electronic control glue spraying system;

Reliable fault protection system.

Cardboard box request 

 Since the quality of the packaging box directly affects the quality of the final packaging, the quality of the Cardboard has higher requirements. Generally it should use 800g/㎡-900g/㎡, 800g/㎡-850g/㎡imported Cardboard。

  2. auger filler


CJSL2000 auger filler can be used semi-automatic for filling powder in bags, bottles, jars and boxes. Also it can be equiped with the VFS series vertical packaging machine to realize automatic powder materail weighing ,filling and packaging




·Servo motor control auger filling

·With full Touch Screen for better operating of the machine

·Can be detached for easy clean

·Simple and compact in design

·All stainless steel product contact parts. Non-contact parts are stainless steel and aluminum.


Technical Specification:

 Maximum Capacity

up to 5 kilograms( have to change auger & tube according to different weighting range )

Minimum Capacity

depend on product characteristics but nominally 5 grams


10-40(times/min) depend on products characteristics and weighting range

Hopper capacity


Weighing accuracy

±0.2% dependant on products characteristics


220V/50Hz, 1ph or Per customer specification

Clean and change over time

20 mins or less



Machine size

L1000 X W950 x H2200mm; (in):L39.4 X W37.4 X H86.6




1. working stablely

2. easy to operate and easy to maintain

3.high effect

main technical parameters 

Main motor power: 1.5KW

Conveyor motor power: 0.37KW

Design maximum production capacity: 100 boxes/min

Overall dimensions: 5500×3000×2100mm (length×width×height)

Total weight: about 1200Kg

Carton size range: Max 80×30×160mm (length×width×height)

Minimum 200×80×300mm (Length×Width×Height)

Noise: less than 85 dbl

Total power: ≈15Kw,380V,3 phase,50HZ


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