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---- Línea automática de embalaje de cartón

  • Automatic carton packing line
  • Automatic carton packing line

Automatic carton packing line

  • Descripción:
  • working process:

    carton erector--bag/box/bottle filling---carton sealing--carton wrapping

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Automatic Carton bag/box/bottle Packing Line

the whole line compose of carton erector, carton filling machine, roller conveyor, carton sealer

1. Automatic Carton erector


a.imported components , electric and pneumatic parts.

b.vertical cardboad maganize, add cardboards whenever necessary without stopping the machine .

c.manually adjust for different cartons within allowable range , just takes 1~2 minutes.

d.reasonable design , vacuum cup suck the cardboard , fold and seal the bottom .

e.small space occupation, precision and durable parts provide the gurantee for stable running , long life , and high efficiency.

f. with protection device for cutter installtion to avoid being hurt.

g.easy operation ,machine can be used individually and conbined with the packaging line.

Datos técnicos :

Applicable carton size :L250-450 W180-450 H180-450mm

Discharge height: 600mm

velocidad:720-1080 Cartons/H

dimensiones generales:2300 1900 × × 1450mm

Fuente de alimentación:220 50 / 60Hz

Suministro de aire comprimido:7-8kg / cm3

Applicable tape width:48 o 60mm


2. Automatic Carton Packer


Automatic drop type case packer has good compatibility ,applicable for different size of cartons.effectively move the bottles above the cartons, according to the packing format , automatically group the products ,and ensure the products dropping to the cartons properly by positioning device. Machine adopts PLC+Touch screen control , with the alarming device for bottle lacking , safty protection for stop the machine if there`re no bottles.This packaging line greatly easy the operation , management,greatly reduce the labour and labor intensity, is the indispensable machine of the Automation producing line

According to the packing format , automatically group the products.

novelty design , compact structure, realise the products soft drop by buffer.

Wide application for many kinds of product.

Especially suitable as a combination of the packaging line , easy move.

PLC control , easy operation and stable

Suitable for bags,bottles ,boxes ,and bucket products.

Datos técnicos :

Applicable carton size:L200-450 W150-400 H150-350mm

Altura de la mesa: 600mm

velocidad:12-18 cartones / min

Dimensión total:2000 1500 × × 1800mm

Fuente de alimentación:220/380 50/60Hz

Suministro de aire:5-6kg / cm3


3.Automatic Carton Sealer


. imported components , electric and pneumatic parts.

.manually adjust the width and height according to the carton size within the allowable range.

.Automatic fold the top flaps,and seal the top ,fast ,firm and beautiful

. with protection device for cutter installtion to avoid being hurt.

.easy operation, machine can be used individually and conbined with the packaging line.

Datos técnicos :

Applicable caton size:L250-450 W180-450 H180-480mm

Altura de la mesa:630 ± 30mm

velocidad:15~20 cajas / min

dimensiones generales:L 1770W 850H 1520mm

Fuente de alimentación: 220V 50 / 60Hz

Compresseair supply:5-6kg / cm3

Applicable tape width: 48mm or 60mm


4.Power roller conveyor


a. Power:Taiwanese CPG

b. Frame : Carbon steel with paint

5. Autoamtic weight rechecker


This machine handles the in-line weighing by high-accurancy sensor, automatically alarm and eliminate the unqualified product. With the advantages of easy operation ,open-type Module.greatly save the time and reduce the personal error ,applicable for in-line weighing in the industry manufacturing and commercial fileds.

Datos técnicos:

Fuente de alimentación

220V 50/60HZ 0.75KW

Rango de pesaje




± 0.5%

≤ ± 1%


10-20 Pieces/Min

Min scale


Eleminating device

Tipo de empuje

Overall dimension/weight

1050×680×1260mm 145kg

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1.working stable

2.easy to operate

3.easy to maintain

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