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---- Máquina de embalaje de gránulos GFCK25

  • GFCK25 Granule packing machine
  • GFCK25 Granule packing machine for sale
  • GFCK25 Granule packing machine
  • GFCK25 Granule packing machine for sale

GFCK25 Granule packing machine

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GFCF/10 Fully automatic granule packaging machinery (hereinafter referred to as the packaging unit) is our company research for agricultural and food industry packaging and granular material developed new packaging unit. The packaging unit has a high packaging capacity, easy maintenance, reliability, wide application and so on.

This machine is widely used in food, medicine, daily consumable, pesticide and some other special industry, and suitable to pack various kinds of granule like dryer, medicinal granule, beans and etc.

Parámetros técnicos

1. Packaging Materials: paper bag, woven bag (lined with PP/PE film),plastic bag(film thickness 0.2mm)

2.Bag size:(500~700)×(300~400)[L*W];

3.Packing speed: 10bags / minute (depending on packaging materials, bag size, etc.);

4.packing weight:10kg-30kg

5. Air Source: Compressed Air 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa;

6. Power: 3.0KW 380V±10%、50HZ;

7. Machine size (unit: mm): 5860 × 2500 × 4140 (L*W*H);

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Anhui Yuanhong Machinery offers one of the most complete product portfolios in the industry, including specific packaging machines and complete packaging lines. At Premier Tech Chronos, we are driven by innovation: In the past decade, the company has developed several state-of-the-art technologies that are still in the lead today. With many more to come, our prime objective is to continue to meet your needs in the most creative and efficient way.

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